Natural Stones: Timeless Architectural Marvels

From villas to palaces, temples and mansions, the use of natural stones goes back for centuries. Who hasn’t admired the marbles of the Parthenon in Athens, the granite faces at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, the Onyx wall of the Barcelona Pavilion or the travertine structure of the Colosseum in Rome? You’ll be surprised of the potentials of natural stones whether used for construction, interior design or decorative purposes. Either way, they are fundamental to the overall aesthetic of a building lending a rich, elegant and sophisticated character to each property. Lacomar can offer you more than 600 varieties of natural stones, from marbles and granites to semi-precious and other natural stones. Natural stones add prestige to any building or project, promoting a high-end lifestyle of timeless grace. Whether it comes to creating a hotel, a mega yacht or a home, we welcome you to be part of a gem lifestyle.