Our establishment was born in 2000 under the name (Shaaban Contracting). With the expansion of our business inside and outside Egypt, a branch was set up in Dubai in 2006 under the name (Al Hamim Construction).
In 2008 the company’s branch in Egypt was renamed to (Mosaic
Marble & Granite, MMG).
In 2010 a second branch was established in Dubai under the name of
(Al Naher Al Aseel Technical Works) which was later renamed to (Al
Afkar Al Jamilah) . Finally, with our latest establishment in 2022 (Mosaic
Trading, MMG) in partnership with LACOMAR S.A. which has been leading
the way in the Greek marble industry since 1967.
We are known for our good reputation among our customers all over
Egypt and the Arabian Gulf and other countries for our high quality,
attentive services and on time delivery.
The company specializes in transforming blocks of marble and granite
extracted from Egyptian quarries or imported as raw materials from
various countries into high quality finished marble products to supply
our clients.
MMG is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Production

By bridging together our state-of-the-art production units, facilities and factories with the highly skilled team of experts and carefully sourced materials of the highest standards, we have managed to transform our business into a global empire always at the forefront of the latest technologies and ideas.

Our projects in Greece and abroad are a reflection of our lifelong work. A work we were excited to expand in Qatar in 2012 with Plazado Ventures LTD LLC in Doha and in Egypt in 2016 with Pearl Stone in Cairo, participating in these blooming markets with some of the biggest and most prestigious projects.

Our Partners

Our network of marble quarries and associates stretches across all parts of the world and continues to expand every year. From our self-owned quarries in Greece to our very old vendors in Spain, Italy, Portugal and China to all corners of the world. In 2012 we also began operating a company with very successful action in the Gulf area specializing in very high-end private and public projects. Carrying on with our business, in 2016 we made our first investment in Africa, successfully running a company, together with a quarry of white granite.

Our Teams


MMG’s teamwork helps them work under any circumstances, as they are the best workers in the African continent.